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Designed to make beautiful welds on mild steel. Easy to strike and restrike, runs great even on AC buzz box welders Self releasing slag or just wiped off with a wire brush No to low spatter, it makes clean smooth welds similar to using a MIG wire welder. This is the product that is easy to use for more inexperienced welders. All Position, electrode can even be bent to get into difficult to reach positions. Tensile Strength 83,000 psi, Yield Strength 75,000 psi, Elongation 25% Comparable to: Eutectic Beauty Weld,Rockmount Tartan A, MG 500.


Best all position welding and rod can be bent without flux chipping Good penetration, welds through rust, paint, dirt, galvanizing even manure. Welds over its own slag so you don’t need to stop and chip slag, just keep welding until hole or gap is filled. Fills gaps, cracks and miss aligned parts. Welds using low amperage so is good for thin metals also low amperage means less spatter. What you see is what you get, similar to using a MIG wire welder. Tensile Strength 88,000 psi, Yield Strength 80,000 psi, Elongation 28%

Comparable to: Eutectic SteelTectic N, Rockmount Tartan B, MG 506,


A crack resistant “Low Hydrogen” electrode that runs good on AC Farm type welders. The unusually stable arc makes this electrode ideally suited for root passes and out of positional welding Designed for structural and construction grade steels with a carbon content of up to .4% New Technology of the “Double Coated” flux coating enhances welding quality and control, leaving a unique black glass like slag that is easily removed. Tensile Strength 87,000 psi, Yield Strength 72,000 psi, Elongation 31%,

Comparable to: Eutectic 66N, Rockmount Polaris A, AAA, MG 540,


Due to the exceptional (Super) strength and crack resistance, Super Weld is ideal for repairing tools, dies, spring steels and any combination of iron based dissimilar combinations. It is also recommended for repairing worn parts and as an underlay or coating for metal to metal wear or build-up under hardfacing. Used to pull or remove broken bolts. Tensile Strength 128,000 psi, Yield Strength 90,000 psi, Elongation 36%, Impact Energy 5J:680F, Hardness Brinell 225

Comparable to: Eutectic 680 or 680CGS, Rockmount Brutus A or AAA, MG 600


Cool Cast is designed to weld most types of cast iron or cast iron to steel. Copper flashing enables a smooth spray type of transfer insuring a machinable deposit without hard spots. Use with the cold welding or skip welding technique. Welds over oil, dirt and rust.

Tensile Strength 77,000 psi, Yield Strength 54,000 psi, Elongation 30%, Impact Energy Hardness Brinell
Comparable to: Jupiter-AAA MG 289


Designed to chamfer, groove, bevel or cut all metals including stainless steels, hardfacing, even aluminum or copper.No oxygen necessary, reactionary coating creates an arc force that blasts the metal away. Works good even on AC welding machines. Electrode does not make deposits

Comparable to: Eutectic ChamferTrode, Rockmount Electra AAA, MG 570,

HEAT COMPOUND (Video coming soon)

Affordable Alloys

Heat & Hold Compound
is a reusable asbestos free heat and hold putty like compound.
Us as a heat barrier or to hold parts in alignment.
Maintains shape when heated. Withstand temperatures to 3,000 degree F.

We don’t just meet AWS standards, we surpass them in tensile strength, elongation, enhanced weld-ability and packaging.

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