Hard-facing Products

SuperHard XHD

Super Hard XHD is designed to resist extreme abrasive wear. It is a solid core electrode with alloys in the coating. It contains over 43% of complex Carbides.

It is smooth running which means low dilution of the base metal, and the deposit is slag-free, meaning you get more metal down than with standard hard facing electrodes that leave a heavy slag coating that ends up on the floor.

Use to hard face parts experiencing high abrasive wear. Ripper points, disc blades, sweeps, and knives deposit hardness of RC 60-65.

Affordable Alloys
Affordable Alloys

Super Hard Tube

  • Super Hard Tube is a unique tubular hard-facing electrode
  • The thin-walled tubular construction contains the alloying elements
  • This enables the 1/4" electrode to weld at extremely low amperages from 80 to 100 amps and the 3/8" at 130 to 180 amps
  • The extremely low amperages make it suitable for coating parts with thin edges
  • Use for disc blades, sweeps, and knives
  • Deposit Hardness of RC 58-62

Super Chome

  • Super Chrome is a very smooth running electrode containing a high percentage of chromium carbides
  • It contains 38% alloy content
  • It is a solid core electrode with alloys in the coating
  • It runs great even on small AC welders
  • It has a self-releasing slag and a smooth deposit and accepts heavy impact
  • Use on Screws and Disc blades or crushing equipment
  • Deposit Hardness of RC 58-60
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Hard Wear

Hard D

  • Hard Wear "D" is an economical, low alloy but a hard-facing electrode
  • Smooth running with little slag to remove, good out of position
  • Use as a general-purpose hard facing electrode where abrasion is not severe
  • Use on Ripper shanks, side of push arms, bucket teeth, etc.
  • Deposit Hardness of RC 60-65

Super Build-up

  • Super build-Up is designed as an underlayment for hard facing or to prevent metal wear
  • It has a high allow content of 40% and can be deposited on carbon or manganese steel
  • Hard facing deposits help prevent chunking out
  • Also great for preventing hitches and hitch pins from wearing out
  • Deposits weld on an RC 20 the work harden to RC 55
Affordable Alloys
Affordable Alloys

Hardfacing Powders and Torches

  • Super Hard Powder is severe abrasion and frictional wear resistance even in very thing overlays
  • Super Hard Smooth is for severe abrasion where a smooth finish is wanted
  • Super Build-Up Machinable deposit for steels and cast Iron
  • Stocking Torches, Eutectic or Victor Style Available

Super Hard Wire

  • Super Hard Wire is designed to resist extreme abrasive wear
  • It is an open arc wire which requires no shielding gas
  • It contains over 43% of complex carbides
  • Use to hard face parts experiencing high abrasive wear
  • Ripper points, disc blades, sweeps, and knives deposit hardness of RC 60-65
Super Hard Wire
Affordable Alloys

Hardfacing MeCaWear

A7 A high performance trowel grade ceramic polymer

MeCaWear A7 is a high-performance paste-grade polymer incorporated with fiber to reinforce the matrix to enhance the mechanical properties. This is a two-part coating that blends a high loading of fine spherical alumina within the resin, along with a hardening system once reacted and cured, providing you a surface with outstanding wear protection.

Not all Hard Facing Products Are the Same

1. ALLOY TYPE: This could be Chromium, Boron, Tungsten, Vanadium, Molly, Nickel, Carbon, or Molybdenum.

2. ALLOY PERCENTAGE: Hardness is not the determining factor in wear life." Some companies brag about their hard-facing rods' hardness (such as Rc 65, which is very hard), but if you check the alloy content, it may be only as low as 8%!

3. PRODUCT DESIGN: How the product is manufactured affects the way it welds and the deposit characteristics. 

We produce videos explaining and demonstrating everything you need to know to aid you in choosing the product that will work best for you.

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