Affordable Alloys



The cost of replacement parts is soaring! Then there's the cost of labor to remove and replace those parts, as well as the downtime during that process. Affordable Alloys has a better solution. What if you could triple the life of those parts?

Exclusive offers and services for our California Customers!

Hardfacing Alloys

Affordable Alloys specializes in saving you money by showing you how to increase the wear life of your parts. How? We work with major maintenance and repair specialists from across the USA to offer you other options. We analyze each of your parts, determining the base metal and types of wear involved, then consult with metallurgists and hard-facing specialists to develop alternatives for your company. New products, techniques, and processes are being developed every year. The typical welding supply store can't keep up with all this new information. We do!

Plus, we stock and deliver to your site whatever hard-facing or welding products you require at the guaranteed lowest cost.

Affordable Alloys
Affordable Alloys

Joining Alloys

What kind of welding do you do?

Affordable Alloys manufactures two categories of Joining Alloys.

Maintenance and Repair Welding products.  Dealing with many different types of alloys, From Carbon Steel, Spring Steel, Cast Iron or Cast Steel, Aluminum, Copper Alloys etc. etc. Repairing a broken or cracked part, that is painted, sometimes rusty, covered in mud or manure, hard to get at, laying on your back in the pouring rain, in the middle of the night. Watch a video to see the difference in quality, strength, easy to weld with, less spatter, Packaged in smaller quantities.

OEM, fabricating using new metals. OEM welding products are manufactured to a specific number 7018, 6011 etc.

Rust and Corrosion Protection

Introducing Eutectic’s NEW Ceramic Polymer Coatings. Add years of life to your tanks for a fraction of the cost of replacement. From water tanks or trucks to tanks holding corrosive materials Eutectic has the answer. Wastewater treatment facilities to dairy ponds. Easy to apply either by hand or with the Eutectic MeCaTec Spray gun.

Affordable Alloys

Services Coming soon!!!

  • We make sure the products we provide to our customers are the best for their application and are priced competitively.
  • We can deliver products as you need them directly to your shop.
  • We demonstrate and instruct on any new products and application procedures.
  • We apply the Eutectic MeCaCorr and other coatings on your equipment, at your shop.
  • We teach welding safety and metal identification classes.

Featured Products

Affordable Alloys

Super Weld

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Affordable Alloys


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Affordable Alloys

Farm Weld

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About Us

Richard French began his career in 1970 as a maintenance and repair specialist with Eutectic Corporation. Several years later, Richard started his own company the Welding Wire Warehouse. Richard's goal with this new company was to provide the same high-quality products usually sold by direct salesman at an affordable cost so he started  the Affordable Alloys product line that is primarily manufactured in the USA.

Richard has maintained his relationship with Eutectic and stocks many of their high-quality products.